Campaigning for an
independent Friesland

Folk Mother

The head of state of Friesland shall be the Folk Mother (Folksmoder), head of the Order of Priestesses, with her official residence in the former almshouses at Weverstraat 63-67, Den Burg, Texel. The Folk Mother may veto any decision of the National Assembly or the Stadtholder. She shall appoint, and may remove from office, borough-priestesses for each of the other boroughs, and shall herself act as borough-priestess for Texel. The Folk Mother and borough-priestesses shall hold court outdoors, taking petitions in front of their residences. The term of office of the Folk Mother shall be for life, and upon her death her successor shall be elected by a conclave of the borough-priestesses from amongst themselves.

Courtyard of the Folk Mother, Texel