Campaigning for an
independent Friesland

Local Democracy

Friesland shall be divided into fifty-five sovereign corporations known as boroughs (burgum, sing. burch). Each borough shall have a council comprising twenty-one councillors (burchhêran, sing. burchhêr) elected for three-year terms by the citizens of the borough, seven of whom shall retire or seek re-election each year. With the exception of the Borough of Texel, location of the capital, the citizens of each borough shall also, each year, elect a sheriff (grêvetman) as chairman, who shall be eligible for re-election for an unlimited number of terms. The sheriff shall apoint two deputies, the burgomaster (burchmâster) and the alderman (ôldermôn), responsible for police and financial matters respectively. All elections in Friesland shall take place on 21 or 22 December.

Dokkum, Borough of Dongeradeel