Campaigning for an
independent Friesland

National Assembly

The National Assembly of Friesland (Nasjonale Lândei fan Fryslân) shall hold its meetings in what is currently the Council House (Gemeentehuis), Groeneplaats 1, Den Burg, Texel, and shall comprise the annually elected sheriffs (grêvetmanna) from the boroughs. The National Assembly shall be the sovereign law-making and tax-raising body in Friesland, and may withhold money supply from the government if it is not satisfied with its conduct. Den Burg, renamed Fryasburch, shall be the capital of Friesland. Its borough, comprising the island of Texel, shall have a council but not a sheriff, the functions of the latter being discharged by the Stadtholder, head of the Frisian government.

National Assembly Building, Texel