Campaigning for an
independent Friesland

Order of Priestesses

The judiciary of Friesland shall comprise an Order of Priestesses (Oarder fan Fâmna), which shall also safeguard the constitution. Every year 220 girls, aged 13, shall be chosen by lot as trainees (lêrfâmkis), and four assigned to each borough. At 18 they shall become priestesses (fâmna, sing. fâm). They shall be required to remain chaste, and to spend six hours a day, in two shifts, kneeling before their borough’s beacon (foddik), a perpetual flame representing truth and justice, presided over by a borough-priestess (burchfâm), who may veto any decision of the borough council or sheriff. There shall be seven priestesses and five trainees kneeling before their beacon at all times. At 25 they shall either be discharged, or become elders (i.e. judges), and be eligible for appointment as borough-priestesses.

Priestesses & Trainees at Worship