Campaigning for an
independent Friesland


The head of government of Friesland shall be the Stadtholder (Steedhâlder). The Stadtholder shall be elected each year by the citizens of Friesland, and shall have his official residence at the former Sheriff’s House (Schoutenhuys), Groeneplaats 14, Den Burg, Texel. The government of Friesland shall comprise the Stadtholder plus the ministers he chooses for his cabinet. He shall not hold office for more than three consecutive terms, though shall be re-eligible for election after an interval of seven years. The Stadtholder shall be a member of the National Assembly on behalf of the Borough of Texel, for which he shall act as sheriff. His ministers shall not be members, nor answerable to anyone but him.

Residence of the Stadtholder, Texel